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Wedding Season

The summer heralds in a flurry of engagements for wedding bells to ring out with couples praying that the sun will shine on their big day.

After spending months preparing everything down to the wedding favours, the bride will no doubt look radiant, the groom dapper and their guests as proud as punch as they celebrate the couple’s happy day in style. But after the ceremony is over, guests will be looking to the next highlight – dinner. And that’s where Little Devil is playing a key role – at the after parties for weddings across the UK. For our versatile pots of fresh strawberries with a choice of four different dipping sauces  – white, milk and dark chocolate as well as a caramel option (so something to suit all palettes, both young and old) – are being snapped up as a quirky dessert and an alternative wedding favour.

A contemporary take on chocolate fondue, it’s getting even the hardest to place guests talking with the fellow strangers on their table – or so your feedback keeps on telling us. And it’s also keeping the youngsters entertained at dinner too – not a small feat! Even the fussiest of young fruit eaters are devouring our fun and deliciously tasty Little Devil pots. And we couldn’t be more delighted, that our sleek, individual portion sized pots are proving to be such a hit across the board.

But it’s not just weddings where Little Devil fits in perfectly. Sporting events are just another example, from post football match and rugby catch ups to tennis and cricket, you can’t get enough of our devilish sweet treat. And with the cricket kicking off at the internationally renowned Edgbaston Cricket Ground in a few days time, we’re hoping all you cricket fans will be tempted to indulge too. It’s a decision we’ve made easy for you, because you don’t have to nip into Selfridges in the iconic Bullring in Birmingham city centre – if you’re not passing that is. For Little Devil pots are also on sale in Edgbaston – just a short stroll from the grounds – at the Deli at Edgbaston and The Grocer at Edgbaston. And for all the Little Devil fans in the capital you don’t have to miss out because we are also on sale in Selfridges London to as well as Harrods.

So there you go, you’ve no excuse not to grab one of our pots to share with friends, family or lovers on your way home! Go on indulge, we guarantee you won’t regret it – and we’d love to see your pictures of how you eat yours and with who, as well as get your feedback on Twitter too. And we’re always keen to hear if you’d like Little Devil pots to be on offer at your event too. In the meantime, the next major showcase for Little Devil is at CarFest where our very recognisable Little Devil trailer will be from August 23-35. The Little Devil team is secretly hoping to bump into Radio 2 Breakfast Show host Chris Evans, who dreamt up the idea for the event and who we have to confess that we are a fan of. The CarFest Hampshire event is predicted to become an annual British family favourite – just like our Little Devil pots are fast becoming !!!

We hope to see you there……

Summer Love of Food

We are loving the summer here at Little Devil.

Like most of you out there, we are at our best when the sun is shining. For not only is the sunshine key to making our strawberries the tastiest, but it urges us to fall in love all over again with all those summer classics. Pimms in the garden, picnics with family and friends, quintessentially English plays performed in the open air and impromptu barbecues. It doesn’t get much better – does it?

Well, as long as you’re including the Little Devil pots in the mix of course that is! When it comes down to it there’s nothing quite like the sun shining to give us an appetite for eating al fresco, soaking up the English countryside and making the best of the great outdoors. And with the Football League Fixtures getting underway, and internationally renowned Cowes Week now in full swing, there really is something on the horizon to keep all you sports fanatics entertained out there at the moment too. On the subject of English classics, there’s a famous Shakespearean phrase that states: “If music be the food of love, play on give me excess of it.”

But here at Little Devil we believe that food plays just as much a part in stirring our senses as music does – aphrodisiacs like chocolate and strawberries are just one example!! And it’s during these long summer days and nights that we are happy to graze on tasty nibbles, with a glass of wine, or pint in hand, putting the world to rights, and catching up with friends and family for hours at a time.  But unlike fly by night summer holiday romances, we hope that your renewed love of summer food will stay with you for months to come. And we hope that your newfound love of our Little Devil pots, which are a perfect end to a summer evening of dining al fresco, continues into autumn and winter too. For we don’t just rely on the English strawberry season to make our pots great, instead we go where the strawberries are at their best because what we will never do is compromise on quality.

So when the season ends in England, or the strawberries are not as good as they should be, we look elsewhere to other quality suppliers to export the fruit to our factory in Mill Street, Aston. That means that we can provide you with mouthwatering strawberries all year round, so we are not just a summer treat. Instead you can enjoy our pots anytime!

The Bullring in Birmingham, which is Little Devil’s home town – and where, we are delighted to say, that our pots are stocked at the iconic Selfridges’ store – is also celebrating a similar theme of the love of summer food too. For its summer Love Food Festival – or Foodival – got underway last month. A Bullring spokeswoman said: “Think food, think summer, think entertainment and enjoying all this in the midst of an edible garden. “What’s not to like? Head straight to Bullring’s very own street of dining; Spiceal Street, to take a look at our Willy Wonka-style garden. “Lollipops hanging from trees, fruit you can lounge on, it’s a kooky backdrop to a calendar of street events and performances you won’t want to miss.”

And while you’re in the stylish shopping halls of the Bullring, take a stroll into Selfridges where you will find our Little Devil pots on sale. We hope we will persuade you to fall in love with us as an English classic too – and we hope it’s one that will prove to be a relationship made in heaven – and one that you will desire to see flourish and not flounder. *Find Little Devil pots in Bullring Selfridges’ Food Hall and in The Grocer in Edgbaston and The Deli in Edgbaston as well as in Harrods and Selfridges in London.

The Team

Here at Little Devil, the team is paramount to our success.

JS_Yvonne_LittleDev_52While we may be small, we’re perfectly formed, and what drives us, after our love for our family and friends, is our joint obsession with food and high quality. MD Yvonne says: “We are all self confessed foodies and from the moment that our eyes open we are thinking about food, be it for our families, work or ourselves.  “It’s probably our biggest combined sin!

“While our careers have taken us all in different directions over the years, our combined skills from different corners of the food industry, with an added touch of fate, have put us all in the same place at the right time to create Little Devil.” She added that: “Although my background is in marketing, predominantly for fresh food firms, the challenge of pulling together the Little Devil® brand has been a really exciting process.” And like all self confessed foodies, we all desire to pass on our passion for great food and share any new taste experiences we discover with our customers. That’s certainly been our aim with our Little Devil pots of fresh, ready to eat strawberries and special recipe chocolate dipping sauces.

And it’s why we are looking to add to our range at a later date – but we’re keeping the details under wraps at the moment. But there’s one new development that we’ll be revealing very soon – so watch this space. Development manager Sarah Wagstaff is Yvonne’s right hand woman. As a trained chef she knows what it takes, and how important it is, to get something spot on but also why it’s essential to step out of the conventional box and give food a new tasty twist. While Del Gardner is our operations manager. He’s there to ensure the entire production team gives it’s all towards each aspect of putting our pots together. He even goes so far as to say that the care and attention given to the product is “second to none” – and we wouldn’t want any less.

Then there’s Stuart Calladine our technical manager, who helped us to develop a unique machine to wash and dry our strawberries to keep them in peak condition for as long as possible. We call it the Strawberry Salon, and we proud to say that the process doesn’t involve any chemicals. Last but not least is financial manager Ian Grubb who ensures that we keep ticking over perfectly so we keep strong as a business while we ride out the UK’s triple dip recession. Without a strong team a business is destined to failure, so we’re proud to have such an experienced bunch of people at the helm of the Little Devil brand. As a result we have a great product, that’s going down as storm especially in the summer sun. Well, let’s face it, it doesn’t get more perfect if you ask me than basking in the sun with cool, fresh, ready to eat strawberries and chocolate sauce. Although I could eat them at any time no matter what the season!!!

But we know we’ve got something right because we’ve recruited all you loyal Little Devil fans out there since our February launch. And you are now spreading the love to friends and family about our delicious pots – and we can’t thank you enough for that. But there’s something else that gets the Little team just as excited as food…….and that’s sport. Just like you Little Devil fans out there can’t get enough of our delectable little pots, we can’t get enough of sport. In fact we plan our weekends around the sporting seasons, to ensure that we don’t miss a chance the experience the action, tension, and jubilation, first hand. Whether it’s cricket, rugby, football, gymnastics, cycling or tennis, you name it we love it. And we’re particularly excited this week for the second Ashes test later this week at Lords. For England coach Andy Flower has stuck with its winning squad that won in the first test with 14 runs against Australia in dramatic fashion. With a wave of sporting wins for Great Britain in, and since, the 2012 Olympics, including Bradley Wiggins in cycling and Andy Murray in tennis, we’ve got our fingers and toes crossed that we can win over Australia in the cricket stakes too. After all it was only four years ago that Andrew Flintoff took five for 92 as England beat Australia by 115 runs in 2009 – the first Ashes victory there for 75 years.

So we urge you to join us all at Little Devil by shouting; “Come on England – you can do it!”.

Contemporary Chocolate fondue

Chocolate fondue is a party favourite because it’s the added element of fun that makes this a sweet treat that appeals to all ages. Great for events from kids’ birthday parties to weddings, it’s the delicious spectacle of it pouring out from a chocolate fountain that can’t fail to grab people’s attention. It’s delicious teamed up with marshmallows, or fresh fruit – and the latter is a great way in which to entice those fruit fussy youngsters out there to eat one of their five a day! In fact fruit kebabs, when dipped in delectable runny chocolate, is one of the best things in life – or so the Little Devil team believes.

In fact I’ve not met anyone yet who doesn’t likes to indulge in a chocolate fountain when there’s one to hand! It’s on a similar principle that we created the Little Devil pots of fresh, ready to eat strawberries with a choice of white, milk and dark chocolate (and caramel) dipping sauces. Designed to be runny from cold, our chocolate sauces are an instant chocolate fondue in a pot.

And as the pots are already filled with trimmed, washed, ready to go strawberries there’s no effort required on your part to enjoy this contemporary version of a chocolate fondue. Just like a chocolate fountain, our pots are also a great conversation starter – or so all you Little Devil fans out there have told us. The word fondue itself originates in France and means “melted,” and although chocolate fondue is a very popular version, it wasn’t the inaugural type of fondue. For the first fondue was a savoury option. Still very popular in Switzerland, especially in ski resorts, the cheese fondue is where it all began.

But there are no marshmallows or fresh fruit required here. Instead you dunk cubes of bread, new potatoes, or meat, into a bubbling pot of melted cheese. Either way it’s the do it yourself element which is what has made fondue so popular that it has stood the test of time – regardless of whether it’s savoury or sweet. And while for adults, chocolate fondue is not a messy affair – unless of course you opt to use your fingers, which we wouldn’t discourage – where any element of runny chocolate is teamed up with children it isn’t going to end with a perfectly clean face. But it is fun of course! And what’s more important?

Where would we be without an element fun in our lives – it’s certainly what most of our childhood memories are made of.  Just like rain filled puddles are a must to dive into (I have even spotted some adults doing this when they think no one is looking!) so too is a pot (or a fountain) of yummy scrummy runny chocolate. But if you haven’t got the time to prepare a platter of fresh fruit and melt that perfect combination of chocolate to accompany it try our Little Devil pots instead. While there’s minimum effort required, we guarantee you maximum enjoyment as a result! Go on, you know you want to……

Little Devil on the Park

It’s not often that a product can boast that it is fit for a queen.

But that’s exactly what our unique Little Devil range of fresh, ready to eat strawberries teamed up with chocolate dipping sauces are – as our media supporters have been eager to publish. And that’s because our delectable pots are on sale in Partridges, which is one of an exquisite and prestigious number of outlets who supply the Royal Household. A spokesman for Partridges said that: “Today, firms that hold the Royal Warrant include grocers like Partridges, wine merchants, chemists, plumbers, mole catchers and dress makers. “The distinguishing feature, no matter the size of the company, is to provide the highest standards of service. Many of them are family businesses, going back several generations, and form the fabric of this nation.” [Read more...]


There are some that might say who cares at being posed this question? But there are others that say that your eating style reveals a lot about your personality. Whether you eat slowly, fast, mix your food or eat each item separately, you could give away secrets about your inner devil’s take on life is and how you tackle it. It could even unwittingly reveal naughty, or even unattractive traits, that you might not want people to know! So it’s important stuff! [Read more...]

Devil of a sweet dessert hits Selfridges

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Sport of Love

It’s a well known Shakespearean phrase, which is often repeated, that states: “if music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it”.

But how is love faring in the tennis stakes?

After all we are constantly hearing the word yelled out during matches. Although it’s unclear how the phrase “love” was coined in tennis many believe it has its origins in the term “to play for love” as in for the love of the game. Therefore to play for enjoyment and nothing in the way of stake, i.e a financial reward. There is also another theory however that it’s derived from the French word for egg – l’oeuf – and an egg is obviously similar in shape to a zero. We’ll leave you to ponder over what’s the more convincing argument. [Read more...]

Do you need to share?

Well, it all depends on what you want to achieve. Here at Little Devil we would encourage you to share with a partner, if you want to share the love, because it’s a sweet pleasure that will tease your taste buds amongst other things!

And it would be selfish not to share – wouldn’t it? While there’s always two sides to every story so maybe you consider our pots of fresh and ready to eat strawberries and special recipe chocolate and caramel sauces too yummy to share. But there are some foodie analysts who that say food is all about sharing, and if you don’t then you are missing something out of your life. They also argue that food and conversation going hand in hand – with good food being great way to kick off the conversation. Well Little Devil pots are certainly a topic of conversation, after being snapped up by Harrods, Royal Warrant holders Partridges and Selfridges, all in London. [Read more...]