Contemporary Chocolate fondue

Chocolate fondue is a party favourite because it’s the added element of fun that makes this a sweet treat that appeals to all ages. Great for events from kids’ birthday parties to weddings, it’s the delicious spectacle of it pouring out from a chocolate fountain that can’t fail to grab people’s attention. It’s delicious teamed up with marshmallows, or fresh fruit – and the latter is a great way in which to entice those fruit fussy youngsters out there to eat one of their five a day! In fact fruit kebabs, when dipped in delectable runny chocolate, is one of the best things in life – or so the Little Devil team believes.

In fact I’ve not met anyone yet who doesn’t likes to indulge in a chocolate fountain when there’s one to hand! It’s on a similar principle that we created the Little Devil pots of fresh, ready to eat strawberries with a choice of white, milk and dark chocolate (and caramel) dipping sauces. Designed to be runny from cold, our chocolate sauces are an instant chocolate fondue in a pot.

And as the pots are already filled with trimmed, washed, ready to go strawberries there’s no effort required on your part to enjoy this contemporary version of a chocolate fondue. Just like a chocolate fountain, our pots are also a great conversation starter – or so all you Little Devil fans out there have told us. The word fondue itself originates in France and means “melted,” and although chocolate fondue is a very popular version, it wasn’t the inaugural type of fondue. For the first fondue was a savoury option. Still very popular in Switzerland, especially in ski resorts, the cheese fondue is where it all began.

But there are no marshmallows or fresh fruit required here. Instead you dunk cubes of bread, new potatoes, or meat, into a bubbling pot of melted cheese. Either way it’s the do it yourself element which is what has made fondue so popular that it has stood the test of time – regardless of whether it’s savoury or sweet. And while for adults, chocolate fondue is not a messy affair – unless of course you opt to use your fingers, which we wouldn’t discourage – where any element of runny chocolate is teamed up with children it isn’t going to end with a perfectly clean face. But it is fun of course! And what’s more important?

Where would we be without an element fun in our lives – it’s certainly what most of our childhood memories are made of.  Just like rain filled puddles are a must to dive into (I have even spotted some adults doing this when they think no one is looking!) so too is a pot (or a fountain) of yummy scrummy runny chocolate. But if you haven’t got the time to prepare a platter of fresh fruit and melt that perfect combination of chocolate to accompany it try our Little Devil pots instead. While there’s minimum effort required, we guarantee you maximum enjoyment as a result! Go on, you know you want to……

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