Little Devil on the Park

It’s not often that a product can boast that it is fit for a queen.

But that’s exactly what our unique Little Devil range of fresh, ready to eat strawberries teamed up with chocolate dipping sauces are – as our media supporters have been eager to publish. And that’s because our delectable pots are on sale in Partridges, which is one of an exquisite and prestigious number of outlets who supply the Royal Household. A spokesman for Partridges said that: “Today, firms that hold the Royal Warrant include grocers like Partridges, wine merchants, chemists, plumbers, mole catchers and dress makers. “The distinguishing feature, no matter the size of the company, is to provide the highest standards of service. Many of them are family businesses, going back several generations, and form the fabric of this nation.”

Based on Sloane Square, close to Wimbledon where there have been more twists and turns than a fairground ride this year, Partridges celebrates the best of fine food. And Little Devil is proud to class itself amongst the line up. While we can’t be sure if the Queen herself has sat down to enjoy a Little Devil with Philip just yet – it’s not something that is revealed to stockists like ourselves. But if she hasn’t then we’re confident that she soon will – even if only in honour and to celebrate Wimbledon. Which is as good an excuse as any! So one thing you can be sure of if you do sample our tasty range, is that at some point you can boast to be following in Her Majesty’s regal footsteps.

Little Devil is also proud to feature in Partridges Food Market which has been running in the Duke of York Square for the last eight years. And we fit in perfectly because the market’s goal is to: “celebrate the diverse and evolving world of fine local British and International foods and offer small producers, start up businesses, and farmers, the chance to share their passion and expertise with the public.” Open every Saturday from 10am until 4pm, there’s no excuse not to swing by and sample our fresh pots that are perfectly suited to eat on the go. And don’t forget every other day of the week you can indulge in our sweet delights off the shelves in Partridges store in Sloane Square. Complete with a collapsible fork in the pot’s lid, and filled with luscious, trimmed and ready to eat strawberries, you can grab one to eat while strolling through any London park or taking time out on a welcome bench stop.

Especially with the country in jubilation over Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win, and the summer sun due to stay for the duration of this week, strawberries don’t get more quintessentially English. In fact I’m sure the Queen herself would have to agree with us on that front. So go on give us a try – you know you want too………….after all it would be certainly be a royal affair.

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