Meet the Team – The Little Devil® Disciples

It’s a small but perfectly formed team at Little Devil ® HQ.  We are all self confessed foodies and from the moment our eyes open we are thinking about food, be it for our families, work or ourselves.  It’s probably our biggest combined sin!

Our careers have taken us all in different directions over the years however our combined skills from different corners of the food industry with a touch of fate has put us all in the same place at the right time to create Little Devil ®.

Yvonne Tweddle
Managing Director

Like most women I know, my biggest weakness is chocolate. So creating Little Devil®, and being surrounded by chocolate, has literally been a living hell.
Because while I’m usually very good at saying no, I’ve just not been able to resist temptation – but then, as managing director it’s been my job to taste test everything, several times over, to ensure that our mouth watering pots are as delicious for you all to eat as they can be. Although my background is in marketing, predominantly for fresh food firms, the challenge of pulling together the Little Devil® brand has been a really exciting process.
I hope that you love the result of all my arduous months of chocolate tasting as much as I do.

Sarah Wagstaff
Development Manager

As a trained chef I was always taught to challenge the norm, to step out of the conventional box and add a new twist.
But what I’ve come to realise, over the years, is that you don’t need to make food complex to please people. Instead it’s often when you do simple things really well, albeit with a fresh slant, that often reaps the best rewards. And that’s just what Little Devil® does. After running my own company for several years with my partner Del we have been able to perfect a number of techniques in preparing soft fruits, like strawberries, which has been integral in helping to develop the Little Devil brand. My tip would be to indulge in the delectable caramel pot – it’s my personal favourite.

Jeff Hunt
Sales Director

Jeff has been in sales all of his life. Some might say it is in his blood! he is a welcome addition to the Little Devil team and is flying the flag for our brand. As a fellow foodie he really appreciates the attention to detail off the product and volunteers himself as our chief sampler for all new product development. Jeff loves nothing more than speaking to new customers so give him a call.

Ian Grubb
Finance Director

I’m the boring one I’m afraid – but just as vitally important as the other team members because I’m the one that counts the beans (quite literally when we’re talking of the cocoa variety).
Although counting the pennies means I’ve not been at the sharp end of the product’s development, I’ve found it fantastic fun to get involved in the hands on side of its creation too. And it’s released an inner devil in me too. In turns out that as a result of the hardship (not!) of being part of repeated chocolate tastings, I’ve discovered I have a weakness that I didn’t know I had – for white chocolate.
I’d always passed it off as being for kids but now I know better. I find it so delicious with a succulent fresh strawberry that I’d advise you to give it a go too.

Stuart Calladine
Technical Manager

Many firms would view my role as a proverbial pain in the you know what.
But as a proactive and forwarding thinking group of people, the Little Devil® team has embraced and taken on board all the technical elements which are required to get each step, albeit, in some cases, tiny steps, from traceability to hygiene, just right. It’s been refreshing to work with such a great team.