Our Pots

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Enjoy Finding Out What Kind of Little Devil Dipper You Are By Sampling All Our Three Different Pots…..

Little Devil® is life’s balance in a pot.

We spent a year developing the Little Devil brand to make sure we had everything just right before we made the milestone decision to launch.We had endless months of taste testing and revising of our dipping sauces to ensure that they were as delicious as they could possibly be. And we had to get the amount of sauce just right too – because too much or too little would never be good enough. We believe we’ve got it just right.

Add to that the search for the perfect tasting and perfect sized strawberry, and you will see that our attention to detail has been second to none. As a result we’re confident that you’ll enjoy the fruits of our labour.

It’s All In The Detail:

The Perfect Strawberries….. We hand select our fruit from seasonal suppliers with a proven track record. If the strawberries are not good enough when they arrive at our factory door they don’t get through. If they don’t taste sweet enough, or they are not red all the way through when you bite into them – as all strawberries should be – then they get rejected. And the size of the strawberry has to be just right too to make sure you have enough fruit to dip, or dunk, in our delicious sauces.

The Tastiest Dipping Sauces…..

Even if you are trying to follow a healthy lifestyle, our pots are a mouth-watering diversion with their balance of healthy fruit teamed up with chocolate. We’ve found that it’s a great way of tempting fruit fussy children to have one of their Seven a day – at least that’s what parents, grandparents and teachers have told us. The Little Devil team has worked tirelessly to bring you delicious secret recipe dipping sauce pots of caramel and white, milk and dark chocolate, to perfectly complement the tastiest of strawberries.

Large Or Small? What Little Devil Pot Will You Opt For?…..

groupThe larger Little Devil pots are great for sharing, while our Little Little Devil pots are the perfect size for an individual treat. The Little Little Devil pots contain 50g less strawberries then the Little Devil pot and a smaller 25g sauce pot.