Little Devil Team Hanging out

The Team

Here at Little Devil, the team is paramount to our success.

JS_Yvonne_LittleDev_52While we may be small, we’re perfectly formed, and what drives us, after our love for our family and friends, is our joint obsession with food and high quality. MD Yvonne says: “We are all self confessed foodies and from the moment that our eyes open we are thinking about food, be it for our families, work or ourselves.  “It’s probably our biggest combined sin!

“While our careers have taken us all in different directions over the years, our combined skills from different corners of the food industry, with an added touch of fate, have put us all in the same place at the right time to create Little Devil.” She added that: “Although my background is in marketing, predominantly for fresh food firms, the challenge of pulling together the Little Devil® brand has been a really exciting process.” And like all self confessed foodies, we all desire to pass on our passion for great food and share any new taste experiences we discover with our customers. That’s certainly been our aim with our Little Devil pots of fresh, ready to eat strawberries and special recipe chocolate dipping sauces.

And it’s why we are looking to add to our range at a later date – but we’re keeping the details under wraps at the moment. But there’s one new development that we’ll be revealing very soon – so watch this space. Development manager Sarah Wagstaff is Yvonne’s right hand woman. As a trained chef she knows what it takes, and how important it is, to get something spot on but also why it’s essential to step out of the conventional box and give food a new tasty twist. While Del Gardner is our operations manager. He’s there to ensure the entire production team gives it’s all towards each aspect of putting our pots together. He even goes so far as to say that the care and attention given to the product is “second to none” – and we wouldn’t want any less.

Then there’s Stuart Calladine our technical manager, who helped us to develop a unique machine to wash and dry our strawberries to keep them in peak condition for as long as possible. We call it the Strawberry Salon, and we proud to say that the process doesn’t involve any chemicals. Last but not least is financial manager Ian Grubb who ensures that we keep ticking over perfectly so we keep strong as a business while we ride out the UK’s triple dip recession. Without a strong team a business is destined to failure, so we’re proud to have such an experienced bunch of people at the helm of the Little Devil brand. As a result we have a great product, that’s going down as storm especially in the summer sun. Well, let’s face it, it doesn’t get more perfect if you ask me than basking in the sun with cool, fresh, ready to eat strawberries and chocolate sauce. Although I could eat them at any time no matter what the season!!!

But we know we’ve got something right because we’ve recruited all you loyal Little Devil fans out there since our February launch. And you are now spreading the love to friends and family about our delicious pots – and we can’t thank you enough for that. But there’s something else that gets the Little team just as excited as food…….and that’s sport. Just like you Little Devil fans out there can’t get enough of our delectable little pots, we can’t get enough of sport. In fact we plan our weekends around the sporting seasons, to ensure that we don’t miss a chance the experience the action, tension, and jubilation, first hand. Whether it’s cricket, rugby, football, gymnastics, cycling or tennis, you name it we love it. And we’re particularly excited this week for the second Ashes test later this week at Lords. For England coach Andy Flower has stuck with its winning squad that won in the first test with 14 runs against Australia in dramatic fashion. With a wave of sporting wins for Great Britain in, and since, the 2012 Olympics, including Bradley Wiggins in cycling and Andy Murray in tennis, we’ve got our fingers and toes crossed that we can win over Australia in the cricket stakes too. After all it was only four years ago that Andrew Flintoff took five for 92 as England beat Australia by 115 runs in 2009 – the first Ashes victory there for 75 years.

So we urge you to join us all at Little Devil by shouting; “Come on England – you can do it!”.

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