Delicate Little Devil:

Keeping clean is your objective. The last thing you want is sticky hands – thanks to our quirky collapsible fork you don’t have to. But try using your fingers just this once – it’s fun!

Dirty Little Devil:

You’re an adventure seeker – happy to get your hands, and face, dirty. You go for the plunge to get as much sauce as possible on your strawberry. But it’s more enjoyable eaten slowly.

Daring Little Devil:

Keen to savour sweet treats you take your time. You’re not afraid of what people think and don’t mind getting chocolate on your fingers – you believe life is for living. Carry on.

Dainty Little Devil:

You like to be in control. You take a cautious approach and dip the strawberry in a bit at a time so no chocolate’s wasted. Sensible – but remember a little mess can be fun!

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